ectolime was showing me her TG!Danny drawing (and a couple mask drawings by ghostfiish) and i just had to draw him

was originally going to clean this up nice BUT i have somewhere to be, and it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything!

out of context black blood doodles » 2 of 2

no real comment other than good luck figuring these out—3 of them were products of conversation

out of context black blood doodles ยป 1 of 2

been doing a lot more writing than drawing recently, but at least i have something to give you guys!

i’ve been going a lot of little doodles for the last couple days, mostly while trying to figure some stuff out for black blood. been posting them sporadically on my main with writing, and decided to group together the ones i liked!

for any semblance of context, peruse the tag on my main.

boring valka doodles because i am not motivated to do anything productive atm